Head straight to the parking lot
with the active parking lot management

Bosch connects mobility to comprehensively conceived solutions that go
beyond the vehicle. Through its smart networking with the infrastructure,
the active parking lot management guides drivers directly to the
available parking spaces.

Bosch simplifies parking
for drivers, parking lot operators and car manufacturers

The narrow roads and high vehicle traffic density, especially in the city centers, make driving difficult. All this mostly affects also the everyday search for a parking space and thus costs time, hard cash and results in frayed nerves. With connected parking, Bosch is developing solutions that simplify parking altogether - right from searching for parking space up to parking - regardless of whether it's on the street or in a car park, in the city or in the countryside. The focus here is on making mobility, on the whole, smarter and thus also cleaner, more comfortable and cheaper.

As the first product, the active parking lot management from Bosch now already offers a networking solution, which decisively simplifies the search for available parking spaces: The service guides the vehicle to an available parking space, without any detours, and benefits drivers, parking lot operators and car manufacturers. Moreover, the quality of life also improves for other road users and local residents, who directly benefit from the reduced traffic volume.

– 30 %

traffic volume possible through reduced search for parking space

– CO2

through shortened search for parking space

About one-third of the traffic volume in city centers is caused by cars searching for parking space. Drivers drive around, on an average, 2.8 miles searching for a place to park. Unnecessary distances, which can be reduced considerably with the active parking lot management from Bosch.

The active parking lot management system shortens the search for parking spaces and thus helps to protect the environment: Instead of producing more emissions trying to locate a parking space, vehicles reach their destination directly.

The active parking lot management from Bosch
a comfortable, all-round service

The active parking lot management system eliminates the hassle of searching for parking space. From now on, drivers can search for available parking space in their vicinity from a smartphone app. The results appear on the display and can be filtered by price, parking space size or special requirements such as parking spaces for parents and electric vehicle charging stations. The selection is made with a simple click - and the user is already navigated direct to his newly set destination.

The time-consuming and resource-consuming traffic created by vehicles in search of parking is eliminated. Instead, it only says: "Need parking space? This way please." Depending on customer preference additional services such as integrated cash-less payment or subscription function, can further simplify the parking process.

From the sensor to the smartphone
this is how active parking lot management works

Bosch installs the parking lot sensors in the center of a parking lot. They reliably detect the current occupancy status and report it to the data center (cloud) via a gateway installed nearby. All the data sent in are collected and analyzed at the data center. Concurrently, a matching is done with the stored meta-information, like the dimensions of the parking spaces, costs and special situations such as parking bays for the disabled. From all this information, the data center generates a parking map in real time. Drivers receive all the information through their smartphone app and thus permanently get an overview of the nearest available parking space, with all the related details such as distance and price.

Parking lot operators can view the occupancy status of their parking spaces via a web portal. Here, they have access at all times to the statistical analyses and know exactly where there is a traffic jam and where they can direct new users. With exact forecasts, the data analysis enables them to optimize their planning and control to increase the parking space utilization — and at the same time is the prerequisite for additional services such as reservation and payment functions.

24 h

Easy and quick installation

100 %

Parking space occupancy

The installation of the parking lot sensor and the gateway is done within the shortest time. Bosch equips an entire car park with the components and gets the active parking lot management service running, in just a day.

By recording the current occupancy status, the active parking lot management system increases the utilization of parking spaces - driving around long in search of a parking space is now a thing of the past.

Bosch installs parking lot sensors and gateways in car parks as well as on the streets. Once installed, these components work completely maintenance free. Thanks to its very low power consumption, the sensor lasts for up to seven years. The parking lot operator can read the current battery status on a display at all times. In each parking lot sensor, two different Bosch sensor technologies ensure redundancy and therefore particularly reliable detection of the occupancy status. The gateway receives the message within a square kilometer. The transmission takes place wirelessly and is encrypted.

Thus, the security of the sent data is guaranteed. This standard also applies to the further processing of the information in the data center (cloud), and to the preparation of the data for the various customer systems (data bases, app, web portal). Bosch carries out software updates via the wireless interface "over-the-air". Thus, no additional expenditure is required from parking lot operators. Instead, they enjoy an all-round service with the active parking lot management system, which provides them and the drivers only that which each wants.

The parking lot sensor
robust, reliable, economical