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Bosch at CES, January 5-9, 2016

Connected mobility and the internet of things: Bosch showcases
its versatile know-how in Las Vegas with smart connected solutions
that make our daily routine easier and increase quality of life.

Connectivity for the car – and beyond
Bosch highlights at CES 2016

Bosch connects systems inside and outside the vehicle to produce smart mobility solutions that make driving more comfortable, more efficient, safer, and more enjoyable. Bosch has also developed connected system solutions for tasks such as automated parking and looking for a parking space; these save time, stress, fuel, and emissions. Bosch provides display and control systems that always deliver the right information at the right time and minimize potential distractions to make interacting with such clever connected technology as easy as possible. At the same time, the vehicle’s external connectivity enables new services and business models, such as a charging infrastructure that covers a vast array of providers or intermodal mobility platforms.

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CES-Bosch Mobility Solutions highlights:

  • Connected parking solutions
  • Touchscreen with haptic feedback
  • eCall adapter for automatic emergency calls now available as a retrofit
  • Connected Horizon for a better picture of what’s ahead
  • Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning
  • Highway pilot for highly automated driving
  • mySPIN – easily integrated solution for smartphones
  • iCall information service


Energizing the powertrains of tomorrow
Optimized solutions and sustainable performance across powertrain options

Electric vehicle station


The Bosch electric vehicle station demonstrates the electric powertrain of the future, providing an overview of the modern electric vehicle architecture and its main components.

The station shows the how the Bosch portfolio eAxle (power electronics, e-machine, transmission/gear box) is optimized to work together with other essential components as a system in electric vehicles. The Bosch portfolio includes not only eAxle, but also thermal management system, battery, regenerative breaking system, vehicle control unit and much more.

The EV station also features the Bosch Level 2 Plug in EV Charger.

Port and direct gasoline injection (P-DI) station


P-DI is a sophisticated combination of Bosch core fuel system technologies. It brings together port fuel and direct injection, in combination with the ECU and advanced software, to optimize engine performance in terms of output, emissions and fuel economy.

Combining two normally separate approaches for fuel injection creates one innovative system where the strengths of each approach perfectly complement the other. In this particular case, this leads to improvements in fuel consumption and emissions – both under partial and full load. The intelligent system utilizes each fuel injection approach when most advantageous to improve performance.

Diesel hybrid station


Bosch’s diesel hybrid solutions show how easy and efficient merging reliable powertrain expertise with innovative electric systems can be. Another step towards full electric mobility.

Bosch’s diesel hybrid station showcases the latest innovations in diesel hybrid topology merging with the historic diesel powertrain components and systems. With a combination of boost recuperation, common-rail, electrical powertrain, and emissions systems, customers will capitalize on several benefits ultimately resulting in improved efficiency.