A new parking experience with
connected and automated parking solutions

Bosch simplifies parking. Clever solutions support drivers in finding parking spaces
and to park more easily, thus raising the bar for convenience, safety and efficiency.


Always on target:
Solutions for a more efficient parking search

Using real-time parking lot data from the cloud, drivers always know where an available space is and can easily navigate
right to their desired destination.


Enter even the smallest spaces...
Solutions for easy parking space entry and exit

Automated park assists from Bosch eliminate the chore of entering and exiting a
parking space. The days of difficult maneuvering and bodywork
damage are now over.

A vision becomes reality:
Welcome to the new world of parking

Bosch is paving the way toward fully connected and automated mobility. This includes innovative solutions that make parking safer, more convenient, and more efficient – whether at home, on the street, or in public garages. Bosch has a holistic approach here, offering hardware, software, and services that relieve drivers during every aspect of parking. And it’s not only the drivers, but also the environment and cities that benefit from reduced parking search traffic and improved utilization of available spaces. With its parking solutions, Bosch also contributes to the important realization of the smart city concept: intelligently connected cities featuring enhanced quality of life and environmental conditions for everyone.

Connected technology by Bosch reduces the often time-consuming search for parking by guiding drivers directly to areas with available spaces. Park assist systems automatically and precisely maneuver the vehicle into and out of even the tightest spots. For increased safety during maneuvering, the maneuver emergency braking assistant uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles and warn the driver of impending collisions, even applying the brake automatically when necessary.

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– CO2

thanks to reduced parking search traffic with Bosch parking solutions.

+ 60 hours

of free time: reduced parking search times can save each driver 60 hours per year.

Solutions for a more efficient parking search;
Customized, fast and precise


Particularly in cities, the search for a parking space nowadays is often cause for concern. Finding the right space costs time, money, and aggravation, in addition to increasing traffic loads and emissions. Studies show that two out of three drivers are dissatisfied with the parking situation in large German cities.

In order to shorten the duration of future parking searches, Bosch has developed solutions that provide drivers with helpful real-time information regarding available parking spaces. This puts an end to needless driving around while looking for scarce parking spots. For this purpose, Bosch offers the perfect solution both for street parking as well as parking in garages.

Working together to locate available parking spaces with community-based parking

Community-based parking is the connected solution for finding available parking spaces on the street quickly. Via sensors and connectivity hardware, vehicles identify available spaces as they drive past. Drivers looking for parking benefit from the data acquired by the community, and can be guided to available spaces in a more rapid, convenient, and precise manner using information displayed to them in real time.

Instead of a time-consuming search, vehicles can proceed directly to available spaces. This is an enormous benefit considering that each driver covers an average of over 1,000 miles each year while looking for parking spots.1

To accommodate the requirements of individual drivers, the results of the digital parking search can be filtered according to preset criteria such as parking space size or availability of electric charging stations.

1 Based on data from Germany

How community-based parking works


Better informed: the community-based parking service guides the way to open parking spaces.

The required vehicle sensors are already widely available thanks to park assist features installed as standard equipment. As a result, community-based parking can guide vehicles to the next available parking space without major retrofitting measures. Open parking spaces are identified as the vehicle drives past using ultrasonic sensors. The data is sent to the cloud – completely anonymized, of course. From there, the incoming raw data is processed with smart algorithms and shared with other community members as digital parking information – a parking area map or a parking prediction, say – via the available on-board instrument. This means that each participant can contribute to the parking community without any additional action, and they can also benefit from participation in the community at any time. The system functions according to the motto “all for one, and one for all.”

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Safe, stress-free, confident:
Solutions for easy parking space entry and exit


Around 40% of all passenger vehicle accidents involving property damage occur during parking and maneuvering. Tight parking spaces often require multiple maneuvering actions, which can quickly result in dents and scratches. Getting in or out of a vehicle is nearly impossible when cars are parked tightly beside one another.

No wonder that almost two-thirds of drivers would be willing to relinquish control of their vehicles during parking maneuvers. As a specific response to such situations, Bosch has developed automated park assist systems that largely eliminate the need for driver input while entering and exiting parking spaces. Vehicles can autonomously enter and exit the space, no matter if it is on the street, in a parking lot, or in public and private garages.

With home zone park assist, your car learns to park itself

Entering and exiting a home parking space or home garage is a daily ritual for many drivers, which nevertheless requires a great deal of concentration. The home zone park assist by Bosch simplifies these repetitive driver actions through automation. Examples include maneuvering the vehicle from the driveway to the carport, or from the driveway into the underground garage and then to the parking space. The driver can decide either to remain in the car during the process, or to monitor the parking maneuver from outside via smartphone.

How home zone park assist works


The driver teaches the park assist the desired route by driving it through once manually. The start and finish points of the route are set at the beginning and end of the training phase. In total, up to ten parking procedures can be stored.

When the vehicle returns to the starting position, the home zone park assist conveniently and automatically maneuvers the vehicle to the destination parking space.

If the vehicle’s surround sensors detect a static obstacle in its path, the system applies the brakes. If only a minor course adjustment is called for, the system can even drive around the obstacle. All the driver needs to do is monitor the vehicle's movement, which can be halted by the driver at any time.

Remote park assist:
Parking without a driver


The remote park assist takes over entering and exiting the selected parking space. With this system, even tight spaces are nothing to fear. The driver can also exit the vehicle before the parking maneuver begins, which makes entering and exiting the space easier in situations such as when cars are parked closely side by side. The parking procedure is then initiated using a smartphone or the vehicle key.

The driver remains in charge of monitoring the vehicle, which maneuvers itself automatically only for as long as the driver continues to press the activation button on the smartphone or vehicle key. The park assist has control over the brakes, steering, engine, and transmission. Once the car reaches its final parking position, the engine is switched off and the parking brake engaged. Ensuring maximum safety during the parking maneuver, the vehicle’s surround sensors scan for possible obstacles.

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Full service automated valet parking for parking garages


In the future, Bosch will be combining its connected and automated parking solutions to create an especially convenient full-service offering. With automated valet parking, the vehicle drives itself driverless and autonomously to its parking space inside the parking garage

Drivers simply drop the vehicle at the appointed area near the garage entrance and starts the parking process, using a device such as a smartphone. The vehicle then automatically searches for and enters a suitable parking space. When drivers return, they wait for the vehicle to drive itself back to the pickup area. All that’s left is to get in.

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