Mobility enhanced by smart
connectivity - Bosch turns the
car into the third living space

Innovative HMI solutions enhance in-vehicle safety
and convenience.

An attentive friend and companion in every situation


Additional information about
HMI solutions from Bosch

The Bosch HMI (human-machine interface) is your attentive in-car companion, assisting you in every situation, so you can rest assured you’ll take the right course of action when it matters. The interface between you and your vehicle supplies you with invaluable information precisely when you need it. The information is tailored to the current driving and traffic situation as well as to your individual needs and preferences. Turn your vehicle into a third living space with the Bosch HMI.

Using a range of connected and automated functions, your car will find a parking space for you, help prevent microsleep, and warn you about obstacles around the next bend. It can find music that you're into and enable you to video chat with your business associates, family, and friends. In a nutshell: with the Bosch HMI, you’ll feel like you’re in safe hands. That sounds great in theory, and in practice, it’s even better! Try it out – you’ll be amazed!

See far ahead with information at your fingertips


It’s the perfect journey: the landscape glides by; one of her favorite songs is playing, she just loves that rhythm! She’s highly focused as she negotiates the bends; she’s enjoying herself. What is more, she feels safe because she knows her car is always looking out for her.

That is why it now turns down the music a little and warns her about an obstacle on the route. A quick glance and she realizes: it poses no danger. She has time to react. That not only makes her feel safer, it makes driving more fun too.

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The car that cares for your sense of well-being


Enough work for today! She’s finally on her way home. It’s great that her car knows exactly what kind of music is best right now to help her relax. Ah, that’s better! Her fingers intuitively reach for the display to adjust the volume so it’s just right.

Thanks to the touchscreen with haptic feedback, she feels various surface patterns on the display – they feel just like real buttons. This allows her to find her way around intuitively, so she doesn't even need to take her eyes off the road.


The camera sensor detects the motion of your eyelids and prevents microsleep while driving. Furthermore, the driver drowsiness detection analyzes constantly the steering behavior of the driver to interfere when abrupt corrections are made.

Always alert when your eyelids get heavy

She’d intended to arrive in daylight. But unfortunately, she couldn’t set off when planned. And now, in the darkness, the journey seems like it’ll never end. But she’s not alone. Her car’s friendly voice makes a suggestion that comes just at the right time: how about a break at the next rest area? What’s more, it offers to navigate her there too. It feels great knowing the HMI is looking out for her and is ready to lend a helping hand with good advice just at the right moment. Stretching one’s legs and sipping a cup of coffee – that sounds just perfect right now!

The HMI lets you take your office on the road with you


Even though the presentation still really needs some fine-tuning, she just had to set off – especially since the journey to the customer is quite long. So it’s good her colleague from sales has just got in touch with her. Who needs a meeting room to have a meeting anyway? The right HMI functions instantly turn the car into a mobile office.

She and her colleague quickly reach agreement on the main structure of the topics, leaving just a couple of details to be discussed. They go through the presentation's slides together. It’s almost like he’s sitting right next to her. Useful input from a different perspective. They agree their next meeting should take place soon – the calendar presents her with an overview of free time slots.


Bosch HMI solutions make it easy to control functions like climate control, the entertainment system, and the navigation system with your voice.

Ensuring your comfort – are you warm enough?

It’s a typical November morning. It’s cold and unpleasant outside. A visit to her aunt is overdue, but she doesn’t just live around the block, so she jumps in the car. “Are you warm enough?” asks the friendly voice. “I’d like warmer feet, please,” she answers. The car sees to it immediately. By the time she’s reached the freeway entrance, she already feels the stress of the morning rush has faded away. Feeling good and with nice warm feet, she makes the long journey to her aunt. Who’d have thought a car could be so caring!

Straight to a free parking space – the HMI knows the way


She’s been looking forward to this for ages: a fun day out in town. First, breakfast with some friends, then a shopping spree. She left a little later than intended but, thanks to smart navigation, gets there on time anyway.

The drag of having to find a parking space is fortunately no longer her problem. Her car always knows exactly where there’s a free space, so she enjoys a much more relaxed start to the day.

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