Virtual Visor – Blocks the sun, not your view. Increases visibility through the visor by up to 90%.

The Bosch Virtual Visor creates a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. It replaces the traditional sun visor with a smart, transparent LCD and uses a driver-monitoring camera to track the driver and selectively block only the visor areas in which the sun would strike the driver’s eyes. The rest of the display remains transparent and no longer obscures the view of the road ahead.

Virtual Visor – Blocks the sun, not your view

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Virtual Visor One-pager

Virtual Visor One-pager

Virtual Visor Product Data Sheet

Virtual Visor Product Data Sheet

The sun causes twice as many car accidents as any other weather-related condition due to temporary blindness.* Traditional sun visors block the sun, but also block large areas of the driver’s field-of-view. The Bosch Virtual Visor is an intelligent, hands-free solution to the problem of blinding sun glare. The Virtual Visor replaces the traditional vehicle sun visor with a transparent liquid crystal display. This leads to drastically improved visibility through the display and at the same time automates the adjustments to the visor, leaving the driver to focus on the road ahead of them. The Virtual Visor blocks the sun, not your view!

The Virtual Visor system consists of an interior monitoring camera and transparent LCD. The camera constantly tracks the driver’s face and can intelligently recognize where shadows appear on the face to prevent temporary blindness from sun glare. This requires a visible light imager in order to detect the shadows cast onto the driver’s face. The transparency of the display is continually optimized based on the lighting detected around the driver’s eyes. This maximizes visibility while minimizing strain. *National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2008

increased comfort

and less distraction due to automatic, hands free adjustment of the blocked areas

cost efficiency

by expanding the use cases for in-vehicle camera systems and decreased total cost of ownership due to lower risk of accidents

Customer benefits

  • Commercial vehicles: reduced total cost of ownership for drivers and fleets due to accident reduction.
  • Increased safety due to better visibility when sun is low on the horizon.
  • More comfort and less distraction due to automatic adjustment of the blocked areas.
  • Increases the value derived from existing components, e.g. the interior monitoring systems, vehicle computers.
  • New design options for car manufacturers, e.g. to make the visor surface larger than they could in the past.