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Full speed ahead: light electric vehicles conquer the city

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Electromobility for light electric vehicles

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Electromobility for light electric vehicles

Major cities around the world have fascinating powers of attraction. People stream to them from all corners of the globe to live, work, and enjoy the city lifestyle. But as populations grow, so too does the urban landscape, with clogged roads, high noise levels, and poor air quality. Urban mobility today faces great challenges, and electromobility is one of the ways to counter them. Light electric vehicles with Bosch technology are already making inroads today; in addition to their quiet operation and lower consumption of resources, their advanced technology, user-friendly operation and great dynamics make for maximum driving fun.

For a motor capacity of 0.25 to 4 kW, Bosch offers integrated powertrain systems with a choice of in-hub or central motor, specially developed for the Asian market. Electrified two- and three-wheelers are particularly popular in China’s major cities where there are millions of them on the road. For vehicles with a capacity of up to 20 kW, the 48-volt central drive system provides powerful propulsion and is also easily scalable.



Narrow lanes, congested streets, and a shortage of parking spaces do not present any obstacles for maneuverable two-wheelers with an electric powertrain.

powerful and dynamic

Full torque from the word go makes for a thrilling riding experience.

“Light electric vehicles like e-scooters have a bright future worldwide. We believe that urban electromobility will take off first and foremost in this segment.”

Dr. Markus Heyn

Dr. Markus Heyn

Member of the Board of Management at Robert Bosch GmbH

Easily scalable


Electro mobility in urban areas is multifaceted and includes multiple purposes such as personal commuting, public transportation and delivery services. For light electric vehicles in the performance range from 0.35 to 20 kW, Bosch offers a technical basis for safe, efficient and dynamic riding experience.

Thanks to the easy scalability, the integrated system is the perfect fit for various types of light electric vehicles.

These include two-wheeler and three-wheeler e-scooters for commuting or inner-city deliveries. Depending on the vehicle segment and individual power requirements further adaptations are possible. For example, heavier loads, like an extra electric motor, can be transported without impairing performance. This modular system also permits straightforward integration in new vehicle models as well as shorter times to market.

Unique driving experience:
48-volt central drive system for light electric vehicles

The 48-volt central drive system is easily scalable.

drivesystem_4kw_w768 integratedsystem_20kw_w768

Drive system [up to 4 kW]

The drive system is a lean powertrain system comprised of an electric drive unit and a control unit. The components are harmonized to enable a smooth and efficient driving experience. The system can be easily integrated in vehicles with varying energy management solutions. With this system approach, Bosch ensures high performance, high reliability and a unique driving experience.

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Integrated system [up to 20 kW]

The integrated system is a comprehensive powertrain system that is adaptable based on the needs of our customers. The system is comprised of a drive unit, a control unit, and battery and connectivity functionality. This system can be applied flexibly in different classes of light electric vehicles by multiplying components to ensure the perfect fit for all manufacturer needs with reduced effort. Thanks to the perfectly harmonized components, Bosch ensures high performance, high reliability and a unique riding experience.

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e-bikes: the pioneers of urban electromobility


The impact of increasing mobility is felt most noticeably in large cities where there is an urgent need to re-think our approach to mobility. Bosch eBike Systems is driving sustainable transformation at several levels: by developing efficient e-bike drive systems and supporting various projects for a smart bicycle infrastructure. Modern technologies and innovative product lines offered by eBike Systems are already providing a wide range of forward-looking solutions today. As a company operating worldwide, Bosch is also assuming responsibility in a variety of ways. Using our knowledge and experience, our ideas and commitment, we meet our own standards of being a key driver for future mobility solutions and creating new opportunities for individual, flexible, and fast mobility.

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