Getting ahead with electric
Innovation cuts energy requirements

Bosch is driving electromobility forward with innovative
and cost-effective solutions. Electric powertrain systems, for instance,
are becoming steadily more powerful and efficient. And to increase the
range of e-vehicles still further, Bosch is optimizing energy management
throughout the entire vehicle – including solutions for highly efficient
air conditioning that satisfies all comfort needs.

up to

25 %

greater range for e-vehicles thanks to intelligent thermal management.

climate comfort

Bosch’s intelligent thermal management technology constantly directs heat and cold to wherever it is needed within the e-vehicle.

Bosch is increasing the range of electric vehicles
with intelligent thermal management

Intelligent thermal management for e-vehicles: precise distribution of heat and cold in the vehicle extends its range by up to 25%.

By applying comprehensive thermal management, Bosch has successfully increased the range of e-vehicles by up to 25% in wintry city traffic without sacrificing any comfort. This is made possible by a design that combines a heat pump with innovative coolant pumps and valves. The system collects heat and cold where they occur and transports them to where they are needed.

Demand for heat or cold can be reduced by up to 60% by recovering waste heat from the electric motor and power electronics, as well as regulating air circulation and using a dehumidifier. This makes it possible to heat the car efficiently in winter and cool it inexpensively in summer. It also optimizes the battery’s efficiency, meaning the car can go much farther on a single charge.